BITCOIN is Overbought, Time to ENTER in DEFI


Bitcoin is highly overbought now. RSI on weekly chart is above 90%. We think it’s the GREED and FOMO of retail investors which is dragging BITCOIN up. We’re expecting sharp downfall in Bitcoin dominance soon.

Other Option:

There are some other opportunities which seems more attractive than Bitcoin in respect to ROI (Return on Investment). Defi is one of them. Let see DEFI INDEX PERPETUAL CHART:

In this chart, you can see the DEFI INDEX PERPETUAL chart is making BULLISH BLAG which tells us breakout on upside is coming soon.


You can see the 6th wave is underway.


We recommend our readers to invest in DEFI COINS now instead of BITCOIN. Our feverote picks in DEFI are CHAINLINK (current price $10.80) , Yearn.Finance (current price $22,000) , AAVE (current price $72) and REN (current price $0.25)

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